flexible residency

The MGH Child Neurology Program is now offering a certificate program in conjunction with Partners Neurology Residency Program to offer residents more fomalized experience, mentoring, and academic development in areas beyond core clinical neurology. Certificates are now offered in 4 tracks:

  • Basic Science, Translational and Clinical Investigation Certificate Program

  • Medical Education Certificate Program

  • Patient Safety, Quality Care, and Health Policy Certificate Program

  • Global and Humanitarian Health Certificate Program

We note that:

  1. Participation in the certificate program is completely optional.

  2. A resident may obtain more than one certificate as long as he/she meets the requirements of each program.

  3. The residency leadership welcomes feedback on these and will be open to refinements in future.

  4. While a single faculty (or two) is listed as the director for each area, multiple other faculty (from adult and child neurology) will be involved.