application information

International Graduates

We do not have any special requirements for international graduates outside of what ERAS requires. We will not consider applicants who have failed any of the USMLE steps but we do not have an official score cut-off.  We prefer applicants who are within 5 years of graduation from medical school.  US clinical experience is very helpful but not required.  We review all applications in their entirety.  However, our program is extremely competitive and those considered for an interview are very carefully selected. 

If you are interested in a preliminary position in any of our hospitals, you must know that BWH and MGH require US clinical experience for all international graduates and USMLE scores of 216(90) or above.

We do not offer any pre-match contracts.  All applicants match with us through the NRMP.

For foreign graduates who match with us, we provide either a J1 or an H1B visa, depending on the individual case and circumstances.

Foreign graduates must be ECFMG certified to apply to our program.


If you have additional questions, please contact the program administrator, Virginia Tosney-Trask at