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Preliminary Years

Our Child Neurology program is advanced, which means that applicants are required to apply separately for preliminary training in pediatrics. The Child Neurology and Pediatrics residency programs at MGH have a long history of working extremely closely together to recruit residents. With the transition two years ago to the NRMP match for child neurology, this collaboration became even more important.

We offer advanced positions in order to enable 2 years of preliminary pediatrics at MGH but also allow flexibility for applicants interested in the neuroscience pathway or training in pediatrics elsewhere. The MGH Pediatrics program reserves two positions for matched child neurology applicants interested in obtaining all 5 years of training at MGH. Please apply to both MGH PEDI Neuro and MGHfC Pediatrics on ERAS so that both programs are aware of your interest. Interview schedules and final rankings are coordinated between our programs.

When you place the MGH Child Neurology program (1261185A0) on your Rank Order List (ROL) in the NRMP system, you will be prompted to list your choice for preliminary training program. You may list any combination of advanced programs with preliminary programs. You cannot list a pediatrics categorical program for the first two years of training, however.

There are two MGH pediatrics options for preliminary training:

  1. Peds-Prelim/Child Neurology (1261320P1) track which is linked only to the MGH Child Neurology program-only applicants who rank and match to MGH Child Neurology will be able to match to this track. This is a two-year track designed to meet the requirements of the American Board of Pediatrics for certification in pediatrics at the conclusion of your child neurology training.

  2. Pediatrics-Preliminary (1261320P0) is our non-linked preliminary program open to all comers looking for preliminary pediatrics training for one year (in addition to child neurology that might include radiology, dermatology, anesthesia, etc). If you are interested in the Neuroscience track, and only need 1 year of pediatrics training, this is the track you would want to list.

Applicants wishing to stay at their home institution or match elsewhere for their Pediatric training are still able to do so and are not at any disadvantage in the Child Neurology match itself.


If you have additional questions, please contact the program administrator, Virginia Tosney-Trask at