Massachusetts General Hospital
Department of Neurology
Child Neurology Division


Staley, Kevin, MD
Chief, Child Neurology
General pediatric neurology, neonatal seizures
Shelley R. Waite, MD
Child Neurology Residency
General child neurology
Barnett, Sarah, MD, MPH Neurodevelopmental pediatrics, attention deficit disorder, autism spectrum disorder
Buchbinder, Bradley , MD Pediatric functional neuroimaging
Buonanno, Ferdinando, MD Pediatric stroke services
Butler, William, MD Pediatric neurosurgery
Caruso, Paul, MD   Pediatric Neuroradiology
Caviness, Verne S., MD, DPHL General pediatric neurology, headache, autonomic dysregulation, general adult neurology, developmental malformations of the brain
Chitnis, Tanuja, MD Pediatric multiple sclerosis
Cho, Tracey, MD Neurology of infectious disease, general neurology
Chu, Catherine, MD, MMSc
Pediatric epilepsy, epilepsy surgery, high density EEG, quantitative EEG analysis, network analysis
Dooling, Elizabeth, MD Neuro-oncology, neuro-rehabilitation after head injury
Dredge, David, MD
Duhaime, Christine, MD Brain and spine tumors, pediatric neurosurgery, functional neurosurgery including pediatric epilepsy, spasticity and movement disorders, craniofacial surgery (including craniosynostosis), hydrocephalus and brain cysts, congenital spine and brain malformations including tethered cord and chiari malformations
Ebb, David, MD Pediatric neuro-oncology
Eichler, Florian, MD Leukodystrophies, neurometabolic diseases,
multiple sclerosis
Eskandar, Emad N., MD Epilepsy, neurosurgery
Frosch, Matthew, MD, PhD Neuropathology, Pathology
Gascon, Generoso Gutierrez, MD General pediatric neurology
Glykys, Joseph, MD, PhD Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis
Grabowski, Eric, MD, SCD Pediatric stroke services
Hart, Edward, MD Behavioral neurology, epilepsy, Tourette syndrome
Hedley-Whyte, Tessa, MBBS, MD Neuropathology, Pathology
Holtzman, S. David, MD Epileptology, mitochondrial disorders, neonatology
Jones, Robin, MD Neuro-oncology, pain disorders, headache,
seizures and stroke
Krishnamoorthy, Kalpathy, MD Neonatology, early metabolic and structural developmental disorders of the central nervous
system, SIDS
Lai, Florence, MD Alzheimer's disease in down syndrome, attention
deficit disorder, learning disabilities, dyslexia
Leigh, Fawn A., MD Pediatric neurofibromatosis, neuromuscular disorders
McDougle, Christopher, MD Autism
Mochida, Ganeshwaran H., MD General pediatric neurology, developmental malformations of the brain, microcephaly
Morgan, Amy K., MD Epilepsy service, psychology assessment center
Musolino, Patricia, MD, PhD Neurocritical Care, Leukodystrophies, Pediatric stroke, Vascular Neurology, Neurogenetics
Nadal, Mireya, MD, PhD Child Psychiatry
Neumeyer, Ann, MD Neuromuscular disorders, muscular dystrophy, disorders of socialization and learning
Plotkin, Scott, MD Neurofibromatosis
Rapalini, Otto, MD Pediatric neuroradiology
Sassower, Kenneth, MD Sleep disorders, epilepsy
Scharf, Jeremiah, MD, PhD Tic disorders
Schmahmann, Jeremy, MD Ataxia
Sharma, Nutan, MD, PhD Pediatric movement disorders, dystonia
Stufflebeam, Steven, MD Pediatric Magnetoencephalogram
Swoboda, Kathryn, MD
Thiele, Elizabeth, MD Pediatric epilepsy, tuberous sclerosis complex
Thibert, Ronald, DO, MSPH Epilepsy, stroke, Angelman syndrome,
chromosome 15 duplications
Waite, Shelley, MD General pediatric neurology

Research Faculty

Boas, David, PhD Optical imaging
Ciccarese, Paulo, PhD Information science
Cotman, Susan, PhD Neuronal ceriod lipofuscinosis
Herbert, Martha, MD, PhD Neurodevelopmental disorders, autism spectrum disorders, multimodal imaging, at-risk infant research
James, Marianne, PhD Neurofibromatosis 2
Kenet, Tal, PhD Autism
Lai, Charles, PhD  Glioma
Li, Xueyi, MD, PhD Endosome recycling
Lillis, Kyle, PhD Pediatric epilepsy
MacDonald, Marcy, PhD Neurodegenerative disease
Macklis, Jeffery, PhD Neuronal development, spinal cord repair
Parrado, Antonio, PhD Aging
Ramesh, Vijaya, PhD NF2, TSC, autism
Saxena, Vishal, PhD Molecular and population genetics
Swiercz, Waldermar, PhD Pediatric epilepsy
Talkowski, Michael, PhD Molecular and population genetics