David Lin, MD David Lin, MD

"Investigation Of the Neural-Dynamics Of Motor Learning Using A Brain—Computer Interface"
Recently Awarded R-25 Grants

Gary Ho, MD, PhD Gary Ho, MD, PhD

"The role of Gaucher Disease glucocerebrosidase in the dynamics of a-synuclein multimerization"
Daniel Rubin, MD, PhD Daniel Rubin, MD, PhD

"Functional Connectivity and State-Space Analysis of Physiologic and Pathologic Brain States at the Microscopic Scale in Human Cortex"
Abby Olsen, MD, PhD Abby Olsen, MD, PhD

"Defining the pathologic contribution of glia to alpha-synucleinopathies"


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a message from our directors

Congratulations on choosing Neurology as your career path! It is a wonderful field that will offer you tremendous opportunity and fulfillment. Thank you for your interest in the Harvard BWH-MGH Partners residency program, which is deeply committed to training the future leaders of Neurology as expert clinicians, neuroscientists, clinical investigators, and medical educators. Please explore this website to learn about the history, current curriculum, organization, hospitals and resources of the Partners Neurology residency.

Twenty years ago, two of the premier teaching hospitals of Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General (MGH) and Brigham and Women's (BWH), merged to form Partners HealthCare. The Neurology Departments and Residency Programs were among the first clinical services to consolidate, bringing together two of the greatest neurology departments in the country and creating a residency that can offer unparalleled educational and research experiences.